Warehouse Fire Demolition

North American Construction was contracted to complete the demolition activities on the 25 +/- acre site. Progress has been and continues to be made on a daily basis on the 375,000 s.f. structure since receiving the November 7, 2013 demolition permit.

Phase 1
Dismantle building and ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery.
NACCI used heavy equipment to systematically bring the remaining fire damaged metal framework to the slab. The structure was segregated out from the fire debris on the concrete slab staging area to allow recovery and processing of metal.

Phase 2
During the demolition activity, any suspicious material uncovered was investigated for ACM, and if indicated, abatement/removal was conducted before more demolition in that area. Disposal of ACM materials was handled as IDEM requires and disposal arrangement made with a license special waste landfill. Sampling, abatement and disposal activities were handled as a separate contract.

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